Celebration Held for Ms. Anna Sohmen Pao’s Donation to SJTU

December 12, 2014      Author: Yu Yang, Development Liaison Department

December 11, Ms. Anna Sohmen Pao came to SJTU Xuhui Campus to attend the donation signing ceremony on December 11th. Founder of YK Pao School Ms. Anna Sohmen Pao, Vice Chairman of YK Pao School Ms. Tan Fuyun, and her hunsbund, Vice Chairman of YK Pao School Mr. Philip Sohmen, and former counselor of Shanghai Municipal Government Miss Xia Xiurong all attended the ceremony. President of SJTU Zhang Jie, Secretary-General of School Education Development Foundation Ma Lei, Deputy Director of Human Resources Gu Dawu, and Party Secretary of School of Pharmacy Liu Mingzhu were present at the ceremony.

Ms. Anna Sohmen Pao

On behalf of two sides, President Zhang Jie and Ms. Anna Sohmen Pao signed the agreement. "Take persistence in keeping fit, practice frugality in enterprising" is the motto of Mr. Yue-Kong Pao. Ms. Anna Sohmen Pao hope that " Yue-Kong Pao Jogging Path" can help SJTU students to keep physical fitness, develop self-confidence, and finally grow into community leaders.

The establishment of " Pao Siu-Loong Library" and "Pao Yue-Kong Library" were sponsored and donated by Ms. Anna Sohmen Pao's father, the late Hong Kong's famous industrialist Mr. Yue-Kong Pao, which is a $ 10-million-worth project. Now the two libraries are in Xuhui Campus and Minghang Campus respectively and they are precedents of overseas donation after the founding of the new China. The inscription of the Library's name is from the hand of the former chairman of the National People's Congress Marshal Ye Jianying.





Translated by Zong Xufan    Reviewed by Wang Bingyu