2015 Spring Concert of SJTU Symphony Orchestra Held

January 13, 2015      Author: Zhang Wenqing, Chen Fangxi

On Jan 11,2015, Shanghai Jiao Tong University's 2015 New Year Concert was held on Xuhui Campus. Chairperson of the University Council Jiang Sixian, President Zhang Jie, former Chairperson of the University Council He Yousheng, Wang Zongguang, Ma Dexiu, former President Xie Shenwu, Vice President Zhu JianZhang Ansheng and other former leaders, representatives of alumnus and alumna home and abroad, representatives of donors, teachers and students attended the concert to celebrate the coming new year.


Jiang Sixian and Zhang Jie expressed the warmest greetings and best wishes on behalf of the university to all the guests attended, and thanked them all for their support and contribution to the university's development. Jiang Sixian mentioned that he witnessed the reorganization of the SJTU symphony orchestra since 1985, and was very proud of the accomplishments that the orchestra attained at home and abroad. Zhang Jie recounted the story of the exchange between SJTU symphony orchestra and the top student symphony orchestra in America. SJTU symphony orchestra's performance won many praises.


This concert was performed by both SJTU symphony orchestra and the Wind Orchestra of Augustana University College. This concert had special meaning for both the two orchestra, since Wind Orchestra of Augustana University College was the 40th visiting art organization at SJTU, and SJTU symphony orchestra welcomed its 30th anniversary since reorganization.


In the end, all performers stood up, and Jiang Sixian and Zhang Jie went on the stage to expressed thanks to the two conductors. Also, they wish SJTU could welcome a more splendid year.







Translated by Xu Pan      Reviewed by Wang Bingyu