Future Media Network Collaborative Innovation Center Council Meeting Held SJTU

January 23, 2015      Author: Dong Lili


On January 18th, Future Media Network Collaborative Innovation Center Council Meeting was held in SJTU. Academician Mei Hong, Vice President and President of the Center, Professor Zhang Wenjun, Director of the Center, Academician Gao Wen, chief scientist of the Center, as well as council members and professionals from Peking University, the State Press and Publication Administration of Radio Planning Institute, Guangzhou Research Institute, CCTV, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Acoustics, national Engineering Research Center, Shanghai TV, Huawei and Baidu all attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Academician Mei Hong.

At the meeting, Professor Zhang Wenjun reported to the Council the progress of the center since 2014. Since its official approval by the Ministry of Education, the Center further clarified its mission, taking building an intelligent media convergence demonstration network that can satisfy the needs of millions of households as a major task. On this basis, the Center focused efforts on the compiling work of The Four-Year Development Planning and Research, clarifying the tasks on the three collaborative innovation research platforms of intelligent transport networks, intelligent service engine and intelligent media processing. It also has defined clear goals of the center in the sectors of research and innovation, academic development, team building, personnel training and the exchange of domestic and international cooperation. Professor Zhang Wenjun also introduced the specific work done in the Center recently in terms of the internal control system.


Academician Gao Wen introduced the trends and research focus of the industry and proposed that the work of the Center needs to be closely linked to the broadcast television industry, and put forward solutions for radio-television transmission and multimedia processing. He also pointed out that the research on media processing engines has already been under process. In the future the work in fields like television media platform, media big data platform and smart media platforms have will be deployed. In the next step, the Center will further optimize the allocation of resources, in a move to make major breakthroughs in audio and video industry by 2017.

All council members discussed and approved the development planning of the Center, and recognized the early work done by the Center. Council members all expressed the wish to further clarify the division of labor, undertake research tasks, strengthen the industry collaboration of universities and research institutions in multiple areas and technical point, and further cooperation in joint research and personnel training.

Finally, Academician Mei Hong said in his concluding remarks that Collaborative Innovation Center assumes glorious and heavy mission. Arduous efforts are needed for further exploration and results delivering. SJTU has issued many supporting policies for the center and placed great expectations on the Center. It is hoped that cooperating units can pull together to make solid progress. At the same time, he was grateful to the support from industry and trade center and hope that the establishing of


Translated by Zong Xufan   Reviewed by Wang Bingyu