Tai Chong Cheang Group Signed to Fund SJTU Endowed Chair Professor Projects

March 13, 2015      Author: Xu Yang

In the afternoon of March 6th, the signing ceremony of "Tai Chong Cheang Endowed Chair Professor Project" and the awarded student forum of "Zhang Mingwei" full scholarships were held in the conference room of SJTU Law School in Xuhui Campus. Mr. Gu Jiangang, chairman of Tai Chong Cheang Group and representative of "Zhang Mingwei" Charity Fund, Mr. Zhang Zhongyan, representative of "Zhang Mingwei" Charity Fund, Mr. Lu Yongzhi, general manager of Tai Chong Cheang Vessels (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Mr. Li Xiang, office manager of Tai Chong Cheang Group had attended the ceremony. Party Secretary of SJTU, Professor Jiang Sixian extended warm reception to them and discussed the promising cooperation between the group and SJTU in fields such as logistics and shipping. President Zhang Jie and Mr. Gu signed the agreement on behalf of two sides.

Tai Chong Cheang

President Zhang Jie reviewed in detail the support from Mr. Gu Jiangang and Mr.Zhang Mingwei and his family to SJTU.

Tai Chong Cheang

Mr. Gu spoke highly of the development achievements of SJTU and expected the university to became a world-class college.

Tai Chong Cheang

The establishment of "Tai Chong Cheang Endowed Chair Professor Project" will help SJTU to introduce more high-caliber talents in the fields of logistics and shipping, and strengthen scientific researches in related fields. Guests from the group, Vice President Zhangan Sheng, former president and honorary advisor of "Gu Guohua" Charitable Fund Xie Shengwu, Secretary-General of School Education Development Foundation Ma Lei, Deputy director of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office of SJTU Yao Yi, Dean of CY Tung Maritime and Logistics Research Institute Zhu Daoli all attended the event and witnessed the agreement signing.





Translated by Zong Xufan       Reviewed by Wang Bingyu