Two Giants Joines Hands: SJTU and Caltech in SJTU Graduate Commencement Ceremony 2015

March 22, 2015      Author: Wang Yifan


Have you noticed that students in blue caps and gowns are found everywhere on campus? Have you ever looked forward to the day when you are wearing those cool caps and gowns yourself ? On March 21, 2015, Shanghai Jiao Tong University held its Graduate Commencement Ceremony for this year's postgraduates and PhDs. Before the ceremony began, all those blue gowns were already waiting in the New Stadium on SJTU Minhang Campus.


Girls put on funny or adorable expressions and snapped group photos with the help of selfie-stick, while boys crowded together to chat. It was the last chance for them. Moreover, many graduate couples are catching our attention with their unique and public display of love. Loads of single "leftovers" were looking at them with envy. Graduates were happily taking photos with two pretty lamb dolls, this year's mascot. Those dolls were also in the same blue gowns and caps.


The ceremony was grandly unveiled after the warm-up dancing and singing. Zhang Jie, President of SJTU, led the familiar school leaders and walked onto the rostrum. The whole stadium burst into a warm applause. "Bro Jie" placed high hopes and great expectations of innovation on graduates in his commencement speech. Dr. Thomas Rosenbaum, President of California Institute of Technology also attended the ceremony and was awarded an honorary doctorate by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


It was interesting to mention that when granting degrees to graduates, given the fact that there were too many graduates in the stadium, Bro Jie could only let graduates DIY by saying "please shift the tassel on your cap from right to left" to save time. Accompanied by the well-meaning laughter, graduates stood up in turns and solemnly placed their tassels.

SJTU has bid farewell to a number of excellent graduates, and sent those passionate and talented youngsters to the places where their dream started.

After the commencement ceremony, the news conference held together with Thomas Rosenbaum, President of California Institute attracted many media. Presidents of the two great universities shared their opinions on innovation. Bro Jie pointed out that, as one of the top Chinese universities, Shanghai Jiao Tong University attached great importance to the further cooperation with Caltech on innovative areas raised by NPC and CPPCC. President Thomas Rosenbaum said that the two universities would join hands in various research areas and reform the approaches to cooperation. He admitted that Chinese students were very excellent in advancing science and engineering. He believed that the two universities could draw on each other's merits for common progress, finally brought scientific research the world over to an unprecedented level.



Reported by Wang Yifan   Reviewed by Wang Bingyu