SJTU Professor Wang Ruzhu Awarded 2014 Shanghai "Model Worker of the Year"

April 07, 2015      Author: Wang Huabo

Recently, the 2014 Shanghai "Model Workers of the Year" was announced. SJTU Professor Wang Ruzhu from School of Mechanical Engineering and other 9 model workers were awarded. "China Dream, Merit of Labor--2014 Shanghai 'Model Worker of the Year' Awards Ceremony" was held at the Radio and Television Building on March 31st. Academician Zhang Jie, President of SJTU attended the ceremony, and presented the award to Professor Wang Ruzhu.

"Model Worker


"Model Worker

Shanghai Model Worker Association began to recommend and award "Model Worker of the Year" since 2012. The activity carries out once a year, each year with 10 candidates being awarded. This year, altogether 47 candidates are recommended by 35 districts, counties, and council (industry) trade unions to attend this election. These candidates all have enjoyed the title of National Model Worker or Municipal Model Worker.

Professor Wang Ruzhu shared his understanding about teaching and research on the ceremony. "The most important work of a teacher is teaching. Teacher should act like a norm and use his own words and actions to affect his students influence the people around, this is a model." As a "green energy explorers," Professor Wang Ruzhu introduced his own innovations and technological achievements on new energy and environmental aspects. "What we have done is to solve the problem of winter heating in the Yangtze River region. The use of air source heat pump can help release the problem. As long as each family loaded on 3 machines, they will be able to achieve the winter heating, summer air conditioning, hot water supply throughout the year to enjoy five-star comfort. They not only can save 20%-30 % energy, they can also lower the investment and operating costs."

"Model Worker

As a special guest, Academician Zhang Jie was invited to award the prize for Professor Wang Ruzhu. Zhang Jie said Professor Wang Ruzhu is the excellent university model who played the role of innovative engine. He fully embodies the university motto of SJTU: "When you drink water, never shall you forget its source; love your motherland and bring honor to your almamater" and reflected the core spirit of the motto "thanksgiving", "responsibility", "passion" and "dream". Professor Wang Ruzhu hopes to lead the team to take the lead and play a key role in leading efforts for the construction of Shanghai into a technological innovation center with international influence.






Translated by Zong Xufan       Reviewed by Wang Bingyu