SJTU Delegation Witness the Launching Ceremony of Rhodes Scholarship in China

April 07, 2015      Author: Chen Fangxi; Xing Bo

On March 30, the dinner party for Launching Ceremony of Rhodes Scholarship in China was held in Beijing. Over 250 distinguished guests from the academia, business community, the sporting world as well as the circle of literary and art attended and witnessed it. At the invitation of Rhodes Foundation, President Zhang Jie, with the delegation of Shanghai Jiao Tong University which included alumni, professors and internal students, attended this dinner party. As a special invited guest, president Zhang took part in the topic discussion and introduced the idea of talent cultivation of SJTU to the guests.




Zhang Jie said that the core of a university's spirit lies in scientific spirit and human concern, which has much in common with the core of Rhodes Spirit. Universities hold fast to academic sprit and continuously strive for excellence while Rhodes Scholarship advocates excellence in academics, leadership, benevolence and courageous spirits, these two cores are inseparably interconnected. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, as one of the key partners of Rhodes Scholarship in China, hopes that the outstanding students in SJTU can obtain the scholarship. The students should not only be excellent in academics and characters, but also should be benevolent, courageous, honest, kind-hearted, have sense of responsibility on the world and people as well as contribute their efforts.


Rhodes Scholarship enjoys a good reputation of "Nobel Prize for Worldwide Undergraduates". The scholarship, founded by Cecil Rhodes in 1903, selects 83 top fresh graduates across the world every year and sponsored them to study for a master's degree or a doctor's degree at University of Oxford. All the scholarship winners are named "Rhodes Scholars" which is regarded as one of the highest honor among the global academic community.





Translated by Li Ying            Reviewed by Wang Bingyu