SJTU Celebrats 119th Anniversary

April 11, 2015      Author: Du Xin

On April 11, the 119th anniversary of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was held grandly in the New Indoor Stadium on Minhang campus. Jiang Sixian, Chairperson of the University Council, President Zhang Jie, representatives of alumni, faculties and students joined together to celebrate this wonderful moment.

119th Anniversary


119th Anniversary

President Zhang Jie gave a keynote speech on "Committed to Innovation and Pursuing Excellence". Since the implement of reform and opening-up policy, the faculties and students of SJTU showed their burst of innovation again and SJTU has been praised as "one of the fastest growing universities since the implement of reform and opening-up policy" over the past three decades. President Zhang Jie pointed that the existence of university aims at continuously providing innovation for the society. For China, universities play a more important role and they should undertake more responsibilities. The ceremony of "Siyuan Contribution Award for Outstanding Alumni" was held on the celebration. Jiang Sixian and Zhang Jie awarded for the prize winners.  

2015 President's Award of SJTU was also held on the celebration. Jiang Sixian, the chairperson of the University Council, and President Zhang Jie awarded for the prize winners.  

119th Anniversary

On the celebration, Jiang Sixian, the chairperson of the University Council, addressed that we never suspend our teaching and learning despite of toil or difficulties over the past 119 years. He pointed that the 10th SJTU congress of party representatives was held a month ago and the overall vision of "building the world first-class university in China" was taken shape. Facing the future, SJTU will focus on cultivating top talents with sense of social responsibility, international view and innovation ability.

Jiang Sixin, on behalf of SJTU, announced the call-up of the 120th anniversary. He said that next year we would get together again in SJTU, relive our wonderful college life here, witness the achievements of our alma mater and build the bright future of her. Taking the 120th anniversary as a good opportunity, SJTU will promote comprehensive reform, accelerate its connotative development so as to present a generous gift for the 120th birthday of our alma mater.

Next Year, Shanghai Jiao Tong University will celebrate its 120th anniversary and the announcement for it was released on this celebration.

119th Anniversary

The celebration of 119th anniversary ended with singing school anthem by all attendees to remember this unforgettable moment. We are proud of our alma mater and wish that she will enjoy a brighter future.







Translated by Li Ying                  Reviewed by Wang Bingyu