Experts of CTI Evaluated SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute Technology

May 21, 2015      Author: Sun Chenye

From May 18 to 20, the experts of CTI visited SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute Technology to evaluate and inspect its qualification in issuing the diploma for engineers. Jiang Sixian, the chairperson of the University Council, and President Zhang Jie met with the experts respectively.

ParisTech Elite

CTI, founded in 1934, is an independent non-executive institution affiliated with the French Ministry of Education under the law. It takes charge of evaluating and inspecting the qualification of colleges and universities in issuing a diploma for engineers and grants its authorizations to them, thus making these certified universities have rights to issue the academic certificate that is approved by the French Ministry Education. 

ParisTech Elite

After listening to the report of overall work made by Cédric DENIS-REMIS, the French dean of SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute Technology, and Li Ping & Liu Zenglu, the assistant dean of SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute Technology, the experts have a good understanding of its development strategy, management structure, training objective, cultivating mode, curriculum system, quality control, teaching staff, admission situation, the quality of candidates and university-industry cooperation etc.. In addition, the experts discussed and communicated with the coordinators of various disciplines, office directors, representatives of industries and students in some issues, such as situation of teaching and internal management and so on.

ParisTech Elite


ParisTech Elite

The experts believed that SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute Technology set a good example for the educational cooperation between China and French for it has made outstanding achievements since it was founded three years ago. They also believed that this would play a significant role in improving the education of engineers in China. With great confidence of the SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute Technology, they hoped that the institute would make greater achievements in the future.

Jiang Sixian expressed his thanks to the hard work and valuable advices provided by the experts of CTI and he hoped, with confidence of the cooperation, that the institute could pass the certification successfully. President Zhang Jie pointed that SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute Technology is an important cooperation project in engineering education between France and China, the CTI certification would play a crucial role in promoting SJTU's nationalization of engineering education.

CTI certification is an important milestone to inspect the development and teaching quality of SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute Technology and it has a great influence on the "Education and Training Outstanding Engineers" of SJTU and the engineering education in China. Taking this opportunity, SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute Technology will continuously seek innovation, further improve its brand value and make greater efforts to cultivate outstanding and international elites.





Translated by Li Ying      Reviewed by Wang Bingyu