SJTU President Zhang Jie Attends 2015 Innovative City Scientist Party

May 27, 2015      Author:

Building Shanghai into a global innovative center has become a most expected goal in Shanghai. Recently, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and SJTU President Zhang Jie was invited to "Super Parents", a special program of Shanghai Science and Technology Festival Forum, and attended the 2015 Innovation Capital Scientist Party. He had chatted with adolescents about scientific ideals and innovation power.

Innovation Capital

Referring to Shanghai's goal to build a global science and innovation center, President Zhang Jie started with the topic with the question of "What Shanghai will be like 15 years later?" He shared his anticipation of Shanghai in 2030. These anticipations includes: intelligent Shanghai in the "Internet +" era; Shanghai's manufacturing in the "Internet +" era; healthy Shanghai in the "Internet +" era; financial Shanghai in the "Internet +" era; Shanghai talents in the "Internet +" era; and Shanghai's environment in the "Internet +" era.

Zhang Jie also had face to face discussion with three students on their creative invention / theoretical studies (including airport bird controller, mathematical conjecture and self-cleaning glass). Zhang Jie hopes that students could keep their curiosity, and constantly pursue their dreams. He encouraged all students who are interested in doing scientific research, to not only pursue scientific achievements, but also to maintain a humane care and a love for the world, so as to do something beneficial to mankind. 

Source: Shanghai TV news channel 2015.05.23 Super Parents






Translated by Zong Xufan     Reviewed by Wang Bingyu