19th SJTU VOS Evening Party Reveals Stories of the Graduates

July 07, 2015      Author: Liang Jiayu

On the evening of July 3, the 19th VOS graduation party "Stories" was held in the stadium on Minghang campus. Chairperson of the University Council Jiang Sixian and President Zhang Jie attended the evening party.

VOS Evening Party

Before the beginning of the party, Jiang Sixian gave a speech to all the graduates. He shared his own stories in SJTU, and expressed his keen expectation for the graduates. At last, Jiang Sixian asked students to go back to the campus at times.

VOS Evening Party


VOS Evening Party

On the evening party, all the graduates finished their last lesson in SJTU. During the party, fantastic performance and videos interwove, which led the graduates to recollect all the details of their campus life. Four years' time is such a short period, that all those young faces four years ago were like they just appeared yesterday. The dancing performance from the Association of International Standard Dancing was very enthusiastic, and taekwondo performance reminded students of their military training in the hot summer of 2012. All those songs and dance pushed the party to a climax. In the video "Ordinary People", all the graduates memorized their way through this four years, and were touched to tears. At last, in the melody of the song "Goodbye", all of the audience stood up, and the party for the 3700 graduates approached to its end. Everyone was reluctant to leave, and embraced people around, hoping that the time would last longer.

Looking back to the past four years, the most touching memory about youth was in them. The graduation party may be a final chapter of the F11ers, but it was also the opening of a new story. Hope all graduates could write more splendid stories in their future.





Translated by Xu Pan   Reviewed by Wang Bingyu