OCEANS’16 Shanghai Opened in Shanghai International Conference Center

April 12, 2016      Author: Xi Ying

On the morning of April 11th, the OCEANS'16 Shanghai was opened in the Shanghai International Conference Center. It is the first time that OCEANS has been held in Mainland China. It was organized by SJTU and co-organized by Zhejiang University, Ocean University of China, Tongji University, Shanghai Ocean University, Harbin Engineering University, National Deep-sea Base, etc. The supporting units were Ministry of Science and Technology, National Bureau of Oceanography, Ministry of Earth Science of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shanghai Bureau of Oceanography, etc. Su Jilan, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Science, Wang Pinxian, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Science, and Lin Zhongqin, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering were the honorary chairmen.


Lin Zhongqin, SJTU Vice President, said, SJTU holding the OCEANS'16 Shanghai while celebrating her 120th anniversary provided wider platform and significant opportunities for academics of SJTU to exchange opinions with both national and international scholars from the field of marine science and technology, which would establish SJTU's reputation in this field. This conference would further enhance the communication and collaboration among universities, science research academies and enterprises in the field of marine science and technology and promote the development of marine technology and equipment. 

The keynote of OCEANS'16 Shanghai was "Our future is with OCEANS". The conference was held to analyses and discusses the major problems on marine science and technology and to exhibit marine technology and equipment. Approved by Department of Science and Technology, the conference set up, in specialty, a section to exhibit China's achievements on marine science and technology. OCEANS'16 Shanghai was an academic gala of high level and norm in the field of marine science and technology.



                                                                       "HAIMA"4500 ROV


                                                                "Seagull-1" Underwater Glider


Translated By  Zheng Mengyan  Reviewed By Wang Bingyu