The Notice of Spring Vacation in 2017 and Course Arrangements for Shanghai Jiao Tong University


For Department (Faculty), Branch, Office, Direct unit:
According to the related provision of the general office of the State Council about the holidays scheduling in 2017, and in terms of the school calendar combined with the actual condition, the notice of the National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and course arrangement is shown as follows:
Qingming Festival: Class suspension is from Apr.2 to Apr.4. On Apr.1(Saturday), students need to take classes on Monday of the 7th week in the teaching calendar.
Labor Day: Class suspension is from May.1 with weekends
Dragon Boat Festival: Class suspension is from May.28 to May.30, 3 days in total. On May.27(Saturday), students need to take classes on Monday of the 15th week of the teaching calendar.
The second subject teaching is carried out according to the above arrangement. The course arrangements for Huangpu campus holiday is informed by the medical school. Professional degree graduate, continuing education college students during the holiday schedule are informed by the Graduate School, School of Continuing Education respectively.
All units should conscientiously do the work of the relevant arrangements. The school will organize the Office of Academic Affairs, Graduate School, the hospital (Department) to inspect the teaching on the holiday. During the holidays, the units should strengthen the duty, do enough security work. And logistics departments should do the logistics staff and staff work. Finally, school bus traffic shuttle bus will run on weekend time.
We hereby notify you.


Shanghai Jiao Tong University
March 11, 2017