Opening Ceremony of SJTU’s 47th Sports Meeting Held



November 23, 2018


On the morning of November 23rd, the 47th Sports Meeting of Shanghai Jiao Tong University opened at the Guangming Stadium on Minhang Campus. Under the theme of "Love SJTU, Love Sports", the sports meeting will last for two days, including a variety of activities such as parade, group gymnastics performance, mass walking, field competition, group activities featuring "guidance on learning" and sports carnival. Jiang Sixian, Party Secretary of SJTU, announced the opening of the sports meeting. Lin Zhongqin, President of SJTU, addressed at the opening ceremony.

The sports meeting began with the parade and entrance of athletes. Members of the National Flag Guard of SJTU are responsible for guarding the national flag. Li Yunqi, bronze medalist in swimming of the 2012 London Olympics, is the SJTU flag-bearer.

After the national anthem, President Lin Zhongqin gave an opening speech. He pointed out that in recent years, the school's sports facilities have been continuously improved: the rowing dock has been completed as scheduled, the tennis playground and air film sports center will also be put into use soon, providing better conditions for the faculty and students to play sports.

Then Jiang Sixian announced the opening of the sports meeting. During the two-day sports meeting, athletes will be divided into two groups: faculty and students. They will compete in competitive events like running, high jump, long jump and group events like 24-style simplified Chinese Shadow Boxing, tug-of-war, long rope skipping, lawn balls, dry land dragon boat and mass campus walking.



Translated by Chen Wanrong   Reviewed by Wang Bingyu