SJTU Held 123rd Anniversary


April 08, 2019


On April 7, the 123rd anniversary of SJTU was held in Minhang Campus. SJTU Chairman Jiang Sixian, SJTU President Lin Zhongqin, other school leaders, former chairman Wang Zongguan, former chairman Ma Dexiu, former president Weng Shilie, former president Xie Shengwu, former president Zhang Jie, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, the representatives of first-prize winners of Teaching Award, Scientific Research Achievement Award and Management Service Award, alumni ambassador for contacting, leaders of administrative departments and the schools and directly affiliated institutions, representatives of faculties and students, and over 3000 alumni joined together to celebrate the 123rd anniversary of SJTU.




The ceremony began in the sound of the national anthem.




President Lin Zhongqin made a speech on “gather strength and recreate glory”. He said that with the support of SJTUers all around the world, the university had been flourishing and remained its leading position in top universities, moreover, it was marching forward to the goal of world-class university.



 Guo Xiaokui, the representative of winners of the first Teaching Award and the teacher from the School of Medicine, gave a speech and said even if he had been a teacher for over 30 years, he always bore in mind the responsibility of teaching and educating, just like all other teachers. 




In the ceremony, the Award of Outstanding Alumni in Contribution was presented to Mao Zhongqun and Lin Zhen. 

The founders of Wei Cai Fund, also the alumni of Class 1977 and Class 1978, including Zheng Tianhui, Hou Wenhua, He Xiaowei, Yang Guangzhong, Yang Guangqiang, Cheng Jun, Zhu Ping, Luo Jian, Wang Yong, Wang Weiming, Shen Yan, Xue Tianhong, were presented the Memorial Prize of Outstanding Alumni.



 Later, Chairman Jiang and President Lin pressed the button and marked the start of the new chapter of Alumni Donation. 



Zhao Ting, the alumnus of the Department of Marine Engineering of the Class of 1983 and the Director of Operations of the Department of PCT of WIPO made a speech as the representative of alumni. He traced back to his study journey in SJTU and shared his experience of how he became an international civil servant.




The ceremony also presented the President Award to 12 individuals and groups, including Jiang Xiuchen, Jiang Ruhong, Yao Zhenqiang, Zhang Xianlong, Zhao Qiang, Zhao Guocheng, Zhao Jiaxin, Bowen Yanwei Network Culture Workshop, the Office of Achievement Management and Intellectual Property, the aiding medical team  for Tibet “Love of Galsang”, iGEM team of instructors, volunteer team of Shanghai International Marathon.




Zhao Jiaxin, the representative of the President Award winners and the student of the School of Mechanical Engineering of the Class of 2014 gave a speech on his 4-year study experience in SJTU.




At the end of the ceremony, Chairman Jiang gave a speech on “grow with gratitude”. He introduced the Xuhui Campus that was filled with strong cultural atmosphere and the Minhang Campus with vitality. He also said that SJTUers would always forge ahead into the future bearing hopes and dreams in mind.



 The ceremony ended with the sound of school song.