Tsung-Dao Lee Frontier Lecture & Prof. Tsutomu Yanagida’s Appointment Ceremony


April 29, 2019      Author:


On April 26th, the 3rd Tsung-Dao Lee Frontier Lecture and the Ceremony of Professor Tsutomu Yanagida's Appointment were held at the Lecture Hall of Tsung-Dao Lee Library. Prof. Huang Zhen, the Vice President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, attended the event and Prof. He Xiaogang, the head of Particle division of Tsung-Dao Lee Institute, was the host.

Prof. Tsutomu Yanagid was the professor of Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe(IPMU), University of Tokyo and member of the  Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg. He has gained Helmholtz International Fellow Award, Humboldt Research Award, and other international awards. Since this April, Prof. Yanagida has been appointed as chair professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and full time Senior Fellow of Tsung-Dao Lee Institute.






Vice President Huang Zhen issued the appointment letter to Prof. Yanagida and wore the badge of SJTU for him.




Deputy Director of Tsung-Dao Lee Institute and Head of Quantum Division Prof. KU Wei issued the appointment letter to Prof. Yanagida as senior fellow of Tsung-Dao Lee Institute.

After the appointment ceremony, Prof. Yanagida gave a lecture titled "The Origin of Matter in the Universe - Why do we exist".

In his lecture, Prof. Yanagida introduced seesaw model and the mechanism of leptogenesis he made, which explained why the mass of the neutrino is far lighter than the corresponding charged lepton. The seesaw model reflects the tiny mass of neutrino, and the leptongenesis mechanism further explains the reason that the universe is composed of matter, not antimatter. Prof. Yanagida also looked forward to the future development in this field, and interacted with the teachers and students about the relevant issues on his report.




As one of quite a few leading model builders in the world, Prof. Yanagida said that the model building is the most difficult but important frontier in particle physics. He would like to find and build a new and promising model beyond the standard model in particle physics and cosmology together with young students and postdocs in Shanghai Jiao Tong University..

The Tsung-Dao Lee Frontier Lecture, founded in October, 2018  by Tsung-Dao Lee Institute, is an academic event open to the whole university, as well as the society. The lecture invites experts of physics and astronomy  at home and abroad to share their frontier achievements, explore research methods, and enlighten scientific research.