SJTU Organized COVID-19 Vaccination for International Students and Faculty



May 28, 2021


On May 22nd, SJTU international students and faculty received the vaccination at Junlian Branch of Zhuanqiao Community Service Center. Under the principle of “voluntary participation, giving informed consent and assuming personal responsibility for risk”, more than 100 international students and faculty members from Germany, France, South Korea, Pakistan and other countries got their first dose of vaccination.

SJTU pays great attention to the health and safety of international students and faculty and tries to provide convenient management and service as best as possible. At the end of April, the International Affairs Division learned that although Shanghai had opened access for foreigners to make COVID-19 vaccination appointment, it was still difficult to get injection in the short term due to limited vaccine reserve. Acting on the instruction of the university, the International Affairs Division contacted international teachers and students on campus to collect their needs for vaccination. Later, the Division coordinated with the authorities in charge, including the Bureau of Foreign Expert Affairs, to arrange for international students and teachers to take the vaccine within specified time period, which was conducted under cooperation with SJTU Epidemic Prevention and Control Office, the school hospital, Student Affairs Office, and all colleges and schools. The Division also sent buses and a faculty team to oversee the whole process of vaccination.

To ensure fast and orderly vaccination, the Junlian Branch Center prepared bilingual forms of informed consent. The hospital also gave detailed instruction from appointment registration, document verification, payment, vaccination to observation and monitoring, which helped to secure convenience, efficiency and safety at the vaccination site.

Taking vaccination is not only conducive to keeping a healthy body but also essential to maintaining a safe and vigorous society. The international students and teachers expressed their confidence in China’s epidemic prevention and control and the vaccination arrangement as well as willingness to take the second dose of vaccination on time.



Author: Wei Xin

Source: International Affairs Office

Translated by Zhang Yue