Flow of patients being admitted to city's biggest quarantine site


 April 1,2022

Medics from Shanghai 6th People's Hospital receive the first batch of patients arriving at a quarantine site at Shanghai New International Expo Center which started operation late last night.

Medics guide patients into the site.


The first batch of some 1,000 patients have been admitted to the central quarantine site at Shanghai New International Expo Center which started operation late last night.

The site, so far the biggest quarantine venue in Shanghai, has up to 15,000 beds available for people with mild COVID-19 symptoms and asymptomatic infections.

A total of 11 medical teams from 11 leading hospitals have arrived at the site.

The N4 and N5 sections in the center are the first to open to receive patients. They are being managed by Shanghai 6th and Shanghai 10th people's hospitals.

Officials from Shanghai 6th People's Hospital, responsible for N5 section, said its medical team started to receive patients at 11pm last night.

In one night's work, the section with 75 nurses and 35 doctors admitted 370 patients, most of them in a stable condition and a few with cold-like symptoms like coughing.


Patients settle down in their section at the site.

Dr Chen Erzhen, vice president of Ruijin Hospital and head of Shanghai's central quarantine treatment team, said the two sections, each of which can receive up to 1,500 patients, will keep admitting patients today.

A team from Shanghai Chest Hospital is one of three medical teams that arrived at the site late. After receiving an order last night, the hospital organized a team of 122 medics within two hours to go to the quarantine center.

The hospital's vice president, Hou Xumin, and leader of its medical team said there were 18 doctors, 90 nurses, two pharmacists and 12 administrative staff in the team.

The doctors will treat health conditions such as respiratory disease, oncology and cardiology and do intensive care in order to serve patients with different ailments and needs.

Medics from Shanghai Chest Hospital pose before leaving for the site yesterday.